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Arthur ANDRÉ
Arthur ANDRÉ
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How to activate Call Recording on Google Meet?

It's easier than you think to record your Google Meet calls!

Did you know you can actually record your calls on Google Meet?

It's super easy, and it's included in your Google Workspace subscription! (starting on the Business Standard plan)


I'm not using Google Workspace yet

If you are not already using, Google Workspace, you can use this link to get 10% OFF your Google Workspace plan.


Don't worry, if you are not a google Workspace user, or if you don't want to upgrade to the Business Standard pricing plan, Praiz has you covered!


I am already a Google Workspace user


One singel thing to check : are you using the Google Workspace Business Standard or superior plan?


How to record my Google Meet calls?

  1. Launch a Google Meet call
  2. Click on the menu icon (3-dots)
  3. Select "Start the recording"
  4. The recording will start, a red REC icon will be displayed on the top left of your screen + you will hear a notification sound to announce the recording start.


Prerequisites :

  • you should be the meeting host
  • your Google Workspace plan must be Business Standard at least (if not, you should upgrade to the Business Starter pricing plan)
  • your Google Admin must have turned ON the ability to record Google Meet calls.
  • for privacy respect, you must ask every participant's approval before recording, as it is mandatory to get the explicit consent from all participants in some countries.

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