🔐 Data Privacy & Security

Your data is safe with Praiz

At Praiz, we take your data privacy and safety very seriously. Our end-to-end approach provides you with all the security, privacy and control you need to safely use our platform.
Praiz’s privacy policy (French)
English version
✅ Praiz is fully GDPR compliant
Yes, we are fully complying with all the RGPD regulation requirements.
🇪🇺 100% of your data is stored within the EU
All our data servers are based within the European Union. By default, 100% of the customers data, including call recordings is stored In France (inside Paris). We trust the leading cloud infrastructure provider (AWS) to host the data.
It allows us to host your data on another EU country than France upon request.
🔐 Secure & Safe by design
Praiz is implementing the highest security standards (TLS 1.3 and AES-256 encryption), not only by compliance and regulatory requirements, but also to safeguard customer data and also to maintain customer trust. We conduct regular vulnerability scanning and penetration tests, by external audit experts.
Your data is private
Praiz works hard to maintain the privacy of data you entrust with us. Data you store in our product is yours. We don't and will never share nor sell your data, nor use it
We do not use your data to train AI models
Praiz does not and will never use your data to train AI data models.