We have all the features you (really) need.

Only the features you will need and use to close more deals.

AI Insights

Meeting Insights

Don't waste time replaying the whole meeting anymore, our AI summary will convert a 1-hour long call into a few bullet points to read.

Call Highlights

We detect and highlight the key moments during a call so you can easily find them and replay by clicking on the timecode.

Search by Keyword

Easily find what you are looking for, search by keyword, business topic or any competitor name.

Automatic Meeting notes

Don't defocus yourself by taking notes during the call, our AI will automatically help your to remember the important stuff.

Voice Transcription & Translation

Read your call instead of listening to them. Translation is also available in 118 languages.

Captions Subtitles

Display the meeting transcript directly below the video. Also display the transcript by the side of the video for an easier replay.

Meeting Notes

Speaker Diarization

Automatically detect when every participant is talking and display it in a visual way.

Action Items Detection

Automatically detect the action items (next steps, questions, follow-ups...) you discussed during the call.

Questions Detection

Detect the questions asked by the prospects/participants.

Topics Detection

Search a list of keywords to monitor so you can review when specific topics or names are mentioned.

CRM Log at field-level

We let you log informations directly into your CRM fields.

Call Templates

Automatic and custom call insights.

CRM Auto-fill

CRM Log at field-level

We let you log informations directly into your CRM fields.

CRM Notes

We let you log informations directly into your CRM fields.

CRM Custom Objects

We let you log informations directly into any CRM custom object.

Automatic CRM Log

Information will be automatically synced with your CRM.

Automatic ATS Log

Information will be automatically synced with your ATS.

Automatic Custom Log

Use our Zapier or API (coming soon) to build custom sync with any business tool.

Collaboration & Coaching

Collaborative Call Library

One single app to share and replay all your team calls. Find all your calls and video recordings in the Praiz call library.

Intuitive Video Player

Our player makes it easy to replay a call, fast forward, navigate with shortcuts in a mobile-friendly interface to replay on the go.

Call Recorder (Meeting Assistant)

All your meetings can be automatically recorded so you don't miss an important meeting anymore. Compatible with Teams, Zoom, Meet and all the videoconference solutions on the market.


Organize your calls with chapters. Highlight key sections for an easier replay experience.


Organize your recordings by topics, tag your recordings to make it easier to search and find relevant content.


Add videos to playlists, organise trainings and learning paths, build onboarding programs easily.


Highlight specific moments of a call to make it easy to replay only the key moments.

Comments & Replies

Leave comments on your team recordings, get replies and engage async discussions.


Mention your teammates to ask for feedback or to share interesting call highlights.

In-app notifications

Get notified in the app every time a teammate mentions your name or comments your videos!

Email notifications

Get notified by email every time a teammate mentions your name or comments your videos!

Slack notifications

Get notified in a Slack channel every time a teammate mentions your name or comments your videos!



Replay all your video recordings in Praiz, sync all sources (Zoom, Meet, Teams...) in one single place.


Sync all your call recordings to organize, find and replay in Praiz. (Aircall, Ringover...)


We will log calls and meetings for you in your CRM, right into the corresponding contact/deal with all the necessary details. (Saleforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive...)

Productivity apps

Save time and be more efficient with our productivity apps integrations. (Zapier, Slack...)

Collaboration apps

Collaborate and share customer insights easily, async.

More integrations

We are releasing more integrations with new apps every month, we can also develop new ones upon request, let us know!

Data Security & Compliance

Admin Rights

Easily create Teams, assign users to it and grant admin rights.

GDPR Compliance

We don't use data to train AI models, 100% of your data is stored in France, within the EU.

SSO Login

Turn on Single Sign-on (Google, Office 365) so it’s only one password for users to remember.