Make the right hiring decisions

Get access to every candidate interviews. Give your hiring people the insights they need to make the right choice.

Praiz for hiring

Start listening back to interviews now to decreases bias. Give all the interviewers the same level of information.

Improve your recruitment skills

Improve your recruitment skills

Run better interviews by learning from the best recruiters.

Listen to your candidates and adapt your questions accordingly.

Reduce unconscious bias

Reduce unconscious bias

Start recording your interviews and access to a richer and more accurate profile of the candidate.

Base your decisions on reality and decrease recruitment bias.

Make better hiring decisions

Make better hiring decisions

Recruiting is tough, make it collaborative.

Share key moments of an interview with the hiring managers and make better, faster decisions.

Connected to the tools you already use

Break the information silos and recruit better, faster.

How do hiring managers and talent teams run better hiring processes?

Without Praiz

I only count on my notes to recall crucial information the candidates gave me.

I can’t properly assess a candidate on a single conversation.

When I have a doubt about a candidate, it takes for ever to be aligned with my team.

I never listen back to my recruitment calls. I don’t know why I’m loosing good candidates.

With Praiz ✓

I replay key moments of my interviews and have access to all crucial information.

I can easily share key moments of an interview with recruiting managers.

I Just @mention and ask colleagues for feedback on an interview that already happen

I listen back to my calls and I improve my recruitment skills.

Trusted by 100+ Sales teams

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What our customers say

"Praiz is really easy to use, I can coach my sales reps, find customer verbatim and easily give feedback based on reality. It has become a must-have for the whole team after only a few days."

Chalom MALKA
Co-founder & CEO

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