Keep your teams aligned

Centralize and get value from every internal and external conversations. Give all your employees the same level of information.

Praiz for leaders

Make sure your people grow and improve their skills. Get instant visibility on your business.

Align your team around the same goals

Align your team around the same goals

Give a searchable video meeting hub to your employees so they are always in sync.

Your teams should never miss information or important updates.

Improve onboarding and ramp-up newcomers faster

Improve onboarding and ramp-up newcomers faster

Make new recruits instantly immersed in your company culture.

Create onboarding programs based on real conversations your employees are having.

Unlock knowledge transfer

Unlock knowledge transfer

Let your people learn from each other.

Make sure information is shared across all departments.

Connected to the tools you already use

Your employees deserve the best

How do Team Leaders and Executives better align their teams?

Without Praiz

I don’t have much visibility on my team’s conversations.

I don’t know if my team is aligned with the same objectives and goals.

I don’t know if my team is getting better and improve their knowledge and skills

I have the impression that my team’s attention has dropped because we have too many meetings.

With Praiz ✓

I know what’s going on and I can give strong feedback to my team.

Everyone is perfectly aligned with company’s priorities and goals.

I unlock knowledge transfer across all my team and make sure they share best practices.

I use async communication to take a weight off my team’s mind.

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What our customers say

"Praiz is really easy to use, I can coach my sales reps, find customer verbatim and easily give feedback based on reality. It has become a must-have for the whole team after only a few days."

Chalom MALKA
Co-founder & CEO

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