Keep your remote teams aligned

Give all your employees the same level of information. Always stay in sync with your searchable meeting workspace.

Praiz for remote teams

Make sure every employee has the same level of information. Let them replay meetings and calls whenever they want.

Keep everyone aligned and informed

Keep everyone aligned and informed

Give a searchable video meeting hub to your team so they are always in sync.

Never miss an important update.

Teams can access directly the information they need.

Capture key moments of your company

Capture key moments of your company

Crucial moments and updates of the company are run on video meetings.

Make these moments unforgettable and preserve your culture and values.

Increase transparency in decision making

Increase transparency in decision making

Turn consumable meetings into a searchable library so all the teams are aware of what’s happening.

Decrease frustration by making the information flow across all your teams.

Connected to the tools you already use

Remote teams are using Praiz

Without Praiz

I attend many internal video meetings but I don’t always remember what have been said.

When I share a recording with my team, it get lost in a chat thread or in email inboxes.

When I’m running a video meeting to share an update, I can’t make sure everyone will attend.

We run too many video meetings, I can’t recall everything.

With Praiz ✓

I replay key moments of my conversations and have access to all crucial information.

All my recordings are automatically available in Praiz. I can share this content easily

All my updates are easily accessible for my team and everyone is aligned and informed.

I make key moments and conversations of the company available and searchable.

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What our customers say

"Praiz is really easy to use, I can coach my sales reps, find customer verbatim and easily give feedback based on reality. It has become a must-have for the whole team after only a few days."

Chalom MALKA
Co-founder & CEO

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