Build better products with customer insights

Understand every product feedback and become customer-centric. Get visibility on your customers pain points and needs.

Praiz for Tech & Product

Centralize and get value from every conversations your company is having. Share key information between business and tech.

Your meetings and daily stand ups in a safe place

Your meetings and daily stand ups in a safe place

From sprint planning to project retros, give your team context and visibility.

Meetings are consumables, turn them into searchable assets.

Increase the value of your user research

Increase the value of your user research

Stop spending hours compiling notes from your user interviews.

Turn customer insights and feedback into video clips and start collaborating with your teammates.

Onboard your new engineers faster

Onboard your new engineers faster

Make new recruits instantly immersed in your tech culture.

Create onboarding programs based on real conversations your employees are having.

Connected to the tools you already use

Your Tech & Product teams deserves the best

Without Praiz

My job is to build a great product for our customers but I can’t hear the customer’s voice.

We have numerous team’s meetings and they are very rich in information.

I’m running user interviews but I can’t easily access the conversation later on.

I need to ask customer-facing teams if I can join their meetings to get market insights.

With Praiz ✓

I can hear the customer’s voice, get real product feedback whenever I want and need.

I can find back all my user interviews and generate snippets I can embed in my workflows.

I can listen back to any customer-facing meetings and extract high-value insights whenever I want.

I can find back all my team’s meetings and be sure I’m aligned with what has been discussed.

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What our customers say

"Praiz is really easy to use, I can coach my sales reps, find customer verbatim and easily give feedback based on reality. It has become a must-have for the whole team after only a few days."

Chalom MALKA
Co-founder & CEO

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