Turn Conversations into Strategic Data

Praiz extracts actionable & accurate data from your conversations then automatically feeds your CRM where you need it.

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We’re *not* another note taker...

Praiz does more than just summarize all your meetings. Using the best transcription available and a tailor-made Gen-AI extraction technology, we automatically load all the information you need into your CRM.

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Actionable insights to fuel your growth

With your CRM filled with accurate data, you’re not blind anymore. Praiz unlocks a new world of actionable insights to better pilot your team. Figure out which pitch works the best, the features you miss, and much more.

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Easy set-up & integrated with your tools

Praiz can record your meetings from Zoom, Teams and Google Meet, as well as VoIP calls from Aircall and more. No need to change the tools you love, we’re already connected to them!

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Easy set up and integrated with your tools

Features you'll love

Auto-filled CRM

Choose the fields you want to be filled by Praiz in your CRM, adjust how exactly you want the data to be formatted and boom, your CRM is now automatically filled.

Generalized Insights

You’re not blind anymore! A new world of actionable insights opens to you: monitor the win rate of some pitch versus another one, top deal-breaker features, and so on.

Fully customizable extraction templates

Our Template system is designed to let you custom the extraction flow so it fits your way of working.


Privacy is Praiz's top priority — your data remains yours and completely confidential.


Powerful Search

Praiz lets you search keywords, companies, topics, participants etc so you can dive into the details of any meeting.

Replay and collaborate on recordings

Praiz is also a collaborative platform where you can tag, comment and replay any recording to make onboardings and playbooks more concrete.


Powering the best teams

“Praiz was the only solution able to be integrated with our custom workflows to extract highly qualitative data thanks to their Al features. Praiz handles our scaling call volume and the team is super reactive and available anytime we need help.”

Kévin Mamode
CEO @Lalaleads

”We like Praiz because the tool is easy to use and very intuitive. Our team uses it on a daily basis and Praiz has been a growth gas pedal for Beavr.“

Charles Lorin
Head of Sales @Beavr

“As a sales manager, what I love most about Praiz is its ability to provide comprehensive insights into our sales calls directly in our CRM. It seamlessly records, transcribes, and analyzes every conversation we have, offering invaluable and accurate data.”

Tristan R.
Head of Sales

“Praiz saves me up to 2 hours a day by transcribing the key points of each sales meeting into my CRM, which saves me a lot of time! A big plus for the highly responsive Praiz customer service.”

Gaëtan Montagud
Account Executive @Zeliq
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