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Arthur ANDRÉ
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Google Meet Introduces Advanced Q&A Moderation

Google now offers a Q&A moderation feature for its video conferencing app Google Meet.

Google has announced a new Q&A moderation feature for its video communication service, Google Meet. The feature allows meeting hosts to review and approve questions before sharing them with attendees, ensuring that discussions remain relevant and appropriate.

Creating a Controlled Discussion Environment

The addition of the Q&A moderation feature aims to create a more controlled and focused environment for participants during meetings and live streams. By giving hosts the ability to moderate questions, Google Meet hopes to enhance the overall user experience and encourage meaningful discussions.

Accessible Across Different Platforms

The question moderation feature is available for both web and mobile devices, ensuring a consistent user experience across different platforms. It does not require admin control, making it easily accessible and simple for meeting hosts to implement.

Enabling the Feature

To activate the Q&A moderation feature, meeting hosts can navigate to the "Meeting activities" section within the host controls. Initially, the feature will be disabled by default, giving hosts the flexibility to enable it based on their specific meeting requirements.

Advancements in Google Meet

Google Meet has recently introduced other features to enhance the platform. iOS users can now include audio when sharing their screens during meetings, while Android users can expect this feature to be rolled out later this month.

These developments highlight Google's commitment to continually improving the Google Meet experience and providing users with a variety of tools to facilitate effective communication and collaboration.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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