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Arthur ANDRÉ
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Google Meet Tests AI-Generated Backgrounds

Google is testing a new feature on Google Meet that uses generative AI to create backgrounds for video calls.

Google Experiments with AI-Generated Backgrounds on Google Meet

Google is currently testing a new feature on Google Meet that utilizes generative artificial intelligence (AI) to create unique backgrounds for video calls. The feature, discovered by Artem Russakovskii and shared on Twitter, is part of Google Workspace Labs and is only available to a select few users involved in the test.

The AI-generated background feature allows users to input a prompt, such as "Luxurious living room interior," and select a style preference like "Photography," "Illustration," or "Fantasy." Google Meet will then generate a background image based on the prompt and style chosen. Users can also explore other suggestions for generated backgrounds related to their prompt.

If users encounter any generated content that they consider to be inappropriate or unsafe, they have the option to provide feedback to Google about it.

This is not the first time Google has experimented with AI-generated backgrounds. In May, the company introduced a similar feature for Android at its Google I/O developer conference. Snap also implemented a generative-AI-based background creation feature for Snapchat+ subscribers in April.

Throughout the year, Google has been rolling out various updates and features for Google Meet. This includes emoji reactions, the ability to pause individual video streams, support for 1080p streaming, and video tile pairing specifically for educational users.

Users can type in a prompt and select a style to generate a background. The feature is currently being tested by a select few. Feedback can be given to Google if the generated content is deemed unsafe.

Google previously experimented with AI-powered backgrounds for Android and Snap introduced a similar feature for Snapchat.