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How to choose the best call recording software for your business?

Follow our guide to select the best recording, transcription and meeting summrization tool on the market.

The best call recording software for your business should be simple and easy to use. The software should record, manage and store calls, interviews or meetings. Call recording software is one of the most useful and essential tools for keeping records of your internal communications. The best app should be compatible with Teams, Zoom, Meet and all videoconferencing software available on the market. In this article, we'll help you choose the best software for you and your team.

Key features of call recording software

To be useful for your business and your team, call recording software must offer key features to users. These key features should include automatic call recording. As well as saving time, your team will never miss important information. You'll need a software that's compatible with all videoconferencing app available on the market, like Teams, Zoom and Meet.

The app should also make it easy to store and retrieve recordings. So you can organize your recorded calls by chapter, by topic or tag. This makes it easy to search and replay a video. Another feature is essential when choosing a call recorder: security. You need to be able to easily assign users and grant admin rights. That way, you can control who can access recordings. 

List of top recording software in 2023

There are several recording software packages on the market. The basic principle of a call recorder is ease of use. Software generally differs in terms of ease of playback. Some software is free, and generally has fewer important features. Let's take a look at the best recording apps.

Praiz: call recording, transcription and meeting summary software

This call recording software is designed to help businesses. In addition of being easy to use, the app offers all the features that are important for your team and your business. You can record, retrieve and replay all your business meetings like customer calls, team training, etc. It comes with a Chrome extension compatible with all technical solutions. The software can automatically detect call highlights. It helps you review the most important moments with your team. To try out our meeting recording capabilities, book a demo.

Loom: screen recording software

This software is a screen recorder. The app is easy to install and is compatible with a computer and a phone (Mac, Windows and iOS and Android). The recording software is available free of charge. However, there is a time limit fore recordings. The length of your recording video cannot exceed 5 minutes and you might not record more than 25 videos on your account.

OBS: free streaming app recorder

This software is a free streaming app. If you're looking for a training video recorder, it is a good tool for beginners. It's compatible with both Mac and Windows. However, the app is rather difficult to set up and is not advised unless you are a technical person.

Quicktime: Apple's audio and video recording app

This is an Apple app with a simple design but the software doesn't feature dual recording. So you can't record a webcam video call. Recording quality is average, only up to 1080p. Apple limits the possibility of exporting videos in several formats, so only one format is available, a proprietary one, the .mov. The recorded files are very heavy and take up a lot of unnecessary disk space. 

Rewatch: video, audio and webcam recorder

This software is a screen and webcam call recorder. It helps teams to stay connected. You can share and organize  recordings of your meetings. The app is free but has limited features. If you and your team need more advanced tools, such as unlimited number of recordings or users, the software is no longer free. Also note that the app is not GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

TLDV: automatic transcription and summarization software

This is a software that automatically transcribes and summarizes your meetings. The avantage of this app is that it supports many languages, which is interesting for international teams. However, there is no free plan for languages other than the 8 main ones. Integration options with collaborations and CRM and platforms are limited. 

Best company use cases for call recording software

Call recording software can be used to help businesses record and store their team meetings. The app can also be helpful for recording exchanges the business has with its customers. Call recordings has become one of the best tools for businesses. Let's have a look at some of the best use cases. 

Employee training with call recording software

By recording exchanges with customers or team meetings, you can provide your employees a review based on a concrete example for training purposes. For instance, recording exchange between a customer and service agents can provide valuable information on how to solve a problem. It's also a great tool for training sales agents. 

In addition, using a call recording software is one of the best management tools. Reviewing calls and meetings is essential for a sales manager. It allows you to identify problems and give your team the help they may need. For example, you can arrange additional training courses for service or sales agents. 

Keep sales insight aligned

All calls and meetings your business has with its customers are recorded. This will enable your team to refer to specific details of previous exchanges and create a positive impression with your customers. Call recording software can be used to obtain actionable information, relevant opportunities and current details after every sales call.

Access your conversations with customers directly from the app. All recordings are stored in a secure, easily searchable library. So you'll never lose any information. And because the library is collaborative, your team can easily replay calls and video recordings. Keep contact with all your teams. Using an audio recording software is the best way to share all your business information to your remote team.

Marketing overview to improve customer service

If you have a marketing team, a call recording app can help them understand customer needs. After all, they may not meet customers very often. Giving access to recorded calls can help your team build their marketing on accurate customer visibility.

By recording customer calls, you can help your business improve customer satisfaction. You can easily access recordings to analyze them and identify areas for improvement in order to provide better customer service. Call recording also helps ensure that the customers receive the best possible service from your team. This will help you make the best choice. 

Hire an employee using call recording software 

By using hiring call recording software, you can have access to all candidate interviews. The recordings can help you build a richer profile of the candidate. And because the library is collaborative, you can easily share key interview moments with your team of hiring managers. 

Call recording software legislation

Legislation on call recording software varies from country to country. Here, we discuss the legal implications of call recording. There are specifics laws regarding call recording in the EU and in the USA.

Call recording software legislation in the EU

The EU has some of the strictest recording legislation in the world. However, you can use phone call recoding software for your business. Phone call recorders are legal as long as they meet certain conditions. Businesses or organizations working in the European Union are required to comply the rules set out in the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The GDPR implies that you must obtain clear and unambiguous consent before recording a call. The caller must therefore be informed of the recording. Before businesses decide to start recording calls, they must meet certain requirements. Any recording of phone calls must be legal and justified. These regulations may vary from country to country within the EU. It is therefore important to consult a local expert before using call recording software. In addition, regulations are subject to change. Keep up to date with the latest legislative changes.

Call recording software legislation in the US

In the United States, federal law requires that at least one of the party be informed of the recording of a call or an electronic communication. This means that if you consent to the recording, you can record the call without the other person's consent. However, some states require all parties consent to the recording of a call. The 12 states that generally require the consent of all parties are: California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.

 Violating these call recording laws can expose you and your business to criminal penalties. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires businesses that record customer calls for customer service or similar services to disclose the fact that the call is being recorded. 

Data privacy and security for call recording software

Praiz is fully compliant with all the GDPR regulation requirements. In order to protect customers' data and preserve their trust, Praiz implements the highest security standards. 100% of your data is stored within the European Union. All the customer data, including call records, are stored in Paris, France. Finally, your data is yours and yours alone. Praiz will never share or sell your data, including call records.  

These are the main and best services and tools you expect from a call recording software. It must be fully GDPR compliant. You want an app that helps you save time. It needs to automatically record, manage and store your calls and meetings for you and your team. And above all, you need safe and secure recording software. Praiz features all these essential tools. Book a demo and choose the best high-quality recording software.

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