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How to reduce background noise during video calls?

There are a few simple (and free) solutions to remove background noise and increase your serenity during calls, check these out!

We all experienced this meeting with a teammate who forgot to turn off the mic, or with someone with a bid mic in a noisy room.

In order to avoid this situation, we will give you a few advices on how to manage the background noise for quieter meetings.

Find the best place to attend the call

This might sound obvious, but let's start with the basics : you can't have a quiet call in a noisy room/spot.

You should try to avoid noisy open spaces, you can also close the windows if the street is too active.

You can also turn off the TV or music if there is any in the background.

Use a proper headset with good microphone

Your microphone is the most important piece of hardware to get an optimal audio quality during a call. Your voice and any surrounding noise will be captured by the mic, so it's critically important to make sure you have the proper one.

Laptops built-in microphones are not always qualitative enough to split voice from other noises (keyboard typing, laptop fan, people speaking from a distance in the open space) so you sometimes need to use a dedicated microphone, or a headset.

Turn off the mic when you don't speak

Well, we are not saying you should stay quiet during a meeting! But if you know your room is a bit noisy, try to turn off the mic, so you will be sure no one will hear anything on your side. It can be especially useful if you are typing something else during the meeting, or moving papers around, etc...

How to remove background noise in Google Meet?

Google Meet offers a feature to filter out noise from your meetings :

Turn ON the noise cancellation within Google Meet

How to remove background noise in Zoom?

The Zoom desktop client has a built-in feature to suppress automatically any background noise detected during your call. It utilizes a noise suppression filter, which can help remove distracting noises that are picked up by participants' microphones and improve audio quality.

It works to remove noise like paper crunching, keyboard typing, fan noise, dog barking, and other noises, that will be filtered out to provide a better meeting experience for all participants.

You can define the noise suppression to be more or less aggressive, with switching the level from Low to Medium or High :

Activate the Suppress background noise option in Zoom

Find more about this zoom feature here :

How to remove background noise in Teams?

Microsoft Teams has a built-in feature to suppress automatically any background noise detected during your call.

During a meeting, go to the settings > Device settings, and then you can activate the Noise suppression.

Enable the Noise suppression in Microsoft Teams

Find more about it here :

Use to remove background noise from your calls

Krisp is an app powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that removes background noise and echo from meetings, leaving only the human voice.

You just need to download the app on your PC or mac, and it will work with any video or VoIP phone app on the market.

It will be mutually beneficial for both the speaker and all the other attendees who won't suffer from unwanted background noises.

Try it on, it's free for 60 minutes of meeting every single day!

(this article is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link) is a free app to remove background noise

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