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The 5 best sales enablement tools to boost your sales in 2023

Why aren't you already using Sales Enablement tools?

We live in a highly competitive business environment. That's why powerful sales enablement tools are essential to improve your company's performance. Sales support data can be integrated with CRM system, reducing the need for manual updates. Sales enablement tools therefore improve productivity.

By equipping your sales team with these tools, they can spend more time on selling than managing data. Sales enablement tools like call and meeting recording software enable sales teams to build stronger collaborations. In this article, we'll see how the 5 best sales enablement tools will boost your sales strategy. 

Why are sales enablement tools important for your company?

Sales enablement tools combine sales intelligence, customer call recording, content analytics, CRM, etc. Sales team could spend 36% of their time on administrative tasks. That time could be devoted to sales. That's where sales enablement tools come in. Sales enablement tools provide a library for your company. They allow you to download, organize, process and provide easy access for your sales team. You can tag each piece of content. This helps target all the information about your prospects and customers.

Giving your team the tools they need, such as the ability to replay calls and meetings, will improve your sales game. These tools help you improve sales training. Indeed, replaying a call between the sales team and a customer enables you to target problems and improve your sales strategy. In addition, sales enablement allows better alignment between marketing and sales teams.

How to choose the right sales enablement tools?

To choose the best sales enablement tools for your company, you need to review the features your team might need. First, you need to choose your sales enablement strategy and objectives. Then, you'll want to find the right tool that offers certain key features. We'll discuss the features of the 5 best sales enablement software in 2023.

Top 5 best sales enablement software in 2023

There are 5 best sales enablement software available on the market. Let's take a look at each of them.

Overview of different sales enablement tools

  • HubSpot Sales Hub: this software is designed to eliminate friction. It brings tools and data together on a single platform. The software offers email tracking, call tracking and recording, sales CRM, sales enablement tools, reporting and analytics.

  • Our video hub is a less expensive tool. It enables the sales teams to record, transcribe, summarize and replay sales calls to improve performance. You can easily record, process, manage and replay all your business videos and recordings in one single place.

  • Seismic: this is a sales support platform. It updates information in real time. Customers and sales teams have access to all relevant data.

  • Showpad Content: this is a sales support platform. It integrates training and coaching software with innovative content solutions to enable sales and marketing teams to engage the customer.

  • Mindtickle: this is a sales platform used for onboarding, product training, coaching and ongoing readiness.

Comparing the 5 best sales enablement tools

Let's compare the 5 best sales enablement tools.

HubSpot Sales Hub: a marketing and sales tool

HubSpot Sales Hub is a great marketing and sales tool for a business or a small business. Although there's a free version, you'll need to invest more money to benefit the best features. For an enterprise plan, the price can go up to $1200 per month. The key features of this sales enablement tool are : 

  • all-in-one platform;
  • simple to use;
  • a free version is available;
  • gives you access to educational resources. video hub for modern teams is one of the best video hub for teams. This software offers the best tools to help you improve your sales game. Recording calls and business meetings means your sales team never misses an important piece of information again. The ability to replay calls is a perfect management tool. Our price is less expensive than the others for an annual commitment, it's 30 € per month. Here are some of the key features of this software:

  • collaborative library;
  • AI-powered meeting assistant;
  • voice-to-text transcription;
  • CRM integrations;
  • videoconference integration.

Seismic: document management software

Seismic is a document management software. The license fee starts at $20 per month. Please note that with this management tool, you cannot easily reorganize the hierarchy of your files in the software. For now, there's no login tracking. Its key features are:

  • you can store volumes of files simultaneously on the software;
  • easy search function;
  • you can track documents by time frame.

Showpad: content management and sales enablement tool

Showpad, as a content management and sales enablement tool, helps sales reps find relevant content. Content is based on marketing rules and machine learning. Key features include:

  • smart, easy search to close any deal;
  •  integrates with applications such as Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc.

Mindtickle: sales readiness platform

Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform. This tool is ideal for enabling your company to increase its knowledge, understand ideal sales behaviors and help adapt to change. 

Here are some of its key features:

  • identify sales behaviors;
  • provide training and practice for your sales teams;
  • analyze real costumers.

Criteria to consider when choosing a sales enablement tool

Before choosing your sales enablement tool, there are a number of criteria to consider. The first step is to draw up a list of your company's specific needs. Once you've defined your sales support strategy, you can focus on the criteria you'll need.

  • Easy to use: the software should not require a long learning curve. Your sales teams will need to master the tools quickly. 
  • Content management: your sales tools help you organize and deliver content. Some tools can also help you create new marketing content.
  • Mobile-friendly: your sales team need to be able to add notes on new prospects, deliver content, send an email wherever they are.
  • CRM integration: some software is designed to integrate with a number of CRMs. If you already have a CRM, you need to consider a tool designed for it.
  • Pricing: pricing is an important criteria. You will need to define a budget for your business. If you're not sure, many sales tools offer a free trial period.

How sales enablement can help align sales and marketing teams?

When done right, sales enablement improves sales knowledge, tracks sales effectiveness, and boosts sales productivity. Sales enablement allows you to inform the marketing team about what could be improved and what is working.

Types of content used in sales enablement

There are many different types of content used to stimulate sales. Let's take a look at a few of them and see how useful they are.

  • Sales script: written dialogues used by your sales team during meetings with customers.
  • Training materials: use recordings of calls and meetings to train your sales team. This gives them a concrete example of how to deal with a customer.
  • Product information: product information management helps you coordinate the management and distribution of product information to all sales channels. It concentrates and harmonizes all your product information.
  • Competitive analysis: that strategy helps you study your main competitors. It gives you and your team a better understanding of their products, sales and marketing tactics.
  • Customer testimonials: this is the endorsement of a satisfied customer who vouches for the value of a service or product.

Best practices for a successful sales enablement strategy

There are some important practices to put in place for a successful sales enablement strategy. Let's take a look at them and see how sales enablement tools can help your sales strategy.

Setting clear goals for a successful enablement strategy

Establishing objectives gives your team and your company overall direction. Your sales team needs to know what the objectives are. Establishing goals is also important for motivating your team's engagement. Setting clear, challenging goals rather than vague ones can improve your team's performance by 30%. You can use sales enablement tools to establish measurable metrics. 

Ensure timely and effective communication as part of your sales enablement strategy

Ensuring effective communication is an essential element of any sales organization. Without it, you won't be able to align sales goals with marketing objectives. Use sales enablement tools to help facilitate communication within your team. Share video content with your team, use customer recording so reps learn best practices. Plus, with collaborative software, your team will never miss an important piece of information.

Measuring the effectiveness of sales enablement

Sales effectiveness is a set of metrics. It gives you a comprehensive measure of your sales team's overall performance. You need a clear understanding of your sales effectiveness. This will enable you to achieve your objectives, generate revenue and grow your business. These key performance indicators are necessary statistics for your sales teams. For example, quota attainment is an essential marker for your sales rep's success. You can use a sales enablement tool that analyzes sales.

You also need to know the average length of your sales cycle. That is, the time that elapses between the prospect became a customer. There are a few sales enablement metrics you need to track: number of content views, content usage, sales team productivity, salesperson onboarding time, communication with your sales team.

Common challenges in implementing sales enablement

There are a number of difficulties involved in implementing sales enablement. Let's identify some of them and see how they can be overcome.

  • Resistance to change: implementing a new sales enablement tool can be confusing for your team. Choose easy-to-use sales tools and provide training for your team.
  • Sales team can't find relevant content: salespeople can waste precious time looking for the right content. To save them time, use a sales enablement tool to store all content in a collaborative library. This way, sales reps can easily find it.
  • Communication problems between the marketing and sales teams: this is a common problem. Your marketing team doesn't know what content your sales team is using. In this case, ask your marketing team to use the data generated by your sales enablement tool.

Emerging trends in the field of sales enablement

You'll need to keep yourself up to date with trends in sales enablement. In 2023, it's impossible to talk about sales and marketing without mentioning AI's role.. The main change will be that AI will help streamline your sales operations. It will enable you to collect relevant data on your customers. Another emerging trend is social selling. You'll be able to connect with a larger audience.

Sales enablement tools are indispensable to your business. They will help you close more quality deals. They'll help you deliver relevant content to your marketing and sales team. Plus, communication within your company will be simpler. Call and meeting recording software ensures that your teams never miss an important piece of information. It will help you detect coaching opportunities and help your team close more deals. To try this sales enablement tool, book a demo.

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