Improve your Success game

Understand every customer conversations, identify what works or not. Give your Customer Success team the insights they need to foster customers and upsell more easily.

Praiz for Customer Success

Give your revenue teams the tools they need to close more deals. Make them progress by listening back to their calls and meetings.

Increase your revenue

Increase your revenue

Stop losing deals and customers, start listening to the voice of the customer.

Get full access to discovery calls, demos and negotiations to find areas of improvement.

Create a Call Coaching Culture

Create a Call Coaching Culture

Turn any conversation into coaching opportunities for account managers and success managers.

Deliver effective feedback based on reality, not quantitative metrics.

Unlock Team Knowledge Sharing

Unlock Team Knowledge Sharing

Let your success managers learn from the best.

Understand what sets your top performers apart and how they handle pricing questions or objections.

Connected to the tools you already use

Your Success team deserves the best

How CSMs use Praiz to win more deals?

Without Praiz

I never listen back to my sales calls. I don’t know why I’m loosing deals.

I only count on my notes to recall crucial information the lead gave me.

I feel isolated. I don’t interact much with my teammates and managers

When I need help from my manager on a deal, it takes me forever to give context.

With Praiz ✓

I listen back to my calls and I improve my sales skills.

I replay key moments of my conversations and have access to all crucial information.

I can ping my teammates and managers on specific moment of a meeting and let them coach me.

When I need help, I just share a recording link to my manager.

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What our customers say

"Praiz is really easy to use, I can coach my sales reps, find customer verbatim and easily give feedback based on reality. It has become a must-have for the whole team after only a few days."

Chalom MALKA
Co-founder & CEO

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