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Arthur ANDRÉ
Arthur ANDRÉ
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How to play waiting music in Google Meet?

Did you ever wish Google Meet has a feature to play some waiting music? It's possible!

Did you ever dream that Google Meet has a feature to add some waiting music (lobby/elevator) to nicely welcome your guests before the webinar or meeting starts?

Well, this feature does not exists yet, but you can very easily stream some music during a Google Meet call, here is how.

How to add waiting music before a Google Meet call starts?

1. Find some great lobby music, you can search for "waiting music" or "lobby ambiance" or anything else you like

2. Join a Google Meet

3. Click the Share button, select A tab

Share a tab audio to stream music during a Google Meet call 🔊

4. Select the tab where is the audio, and press Share

Don't forget to tick the "Share audio tab" for the music to be played in Google Meet

Here you go, you guests will now be greeted and will wait for the call to start with some chill music.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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